Ahh….After finishing Caraval a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but jump into the next book. If you would like to read that review check it out here. This story picks up right at the end of Caraval, this time though we are seeing the story through Donatella (Tella)’s eyes. We find her waking up in the forest after spending the night with Dante and then flash forward to the announcement of a new game of Caraval that will take place within a few weeks just in time for Elantine’s birthday and take place in the city of Valenda. Scarlett warns Tella to be careful when playing this game since it is located so close to their home and it is where the Count D’Arcy is suppose to be from. After a rocky opening to Caraval with secrets from the last Caraval being revealed and trust being broken.

In this book, we also find out more about why Tella and Scarlet were invited to Caraval in the first place. Not to give away any major spoilers, but Tella is more inventive and creative at finding solutions than she would lead people to believe. It is also in this book that we find out more about Scarlett and Tella’s mother and where she has been since she left them so abruptly. We also gain a bit of insight into what may have caused her to leave as well as to how Legend and Caraval came to be.

I can’t tell you anymore without spoiling the book, but I found the book intriguing and a great addition to this trilogy. I love how this book continued to build on the world and the magic that we experienced in Caraval. We also get to experience the magic of Caraval through new eyes since we are experiencing it through Tella playing the game instead of just watching. We also experience the magic in a new way since the game has take on some new elements and new challenges.

Let me know if you have read this book or have read any books in this series. Are you looking forward to reading the final book coming out in May? I’m already plotting out my books for the summer.

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