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Let It Snow (2019)

I’m back again with yet another review, but this time it’s a movie review. Netflix recently released Let it Snow a movie loosely based on a compilation of stories by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. I did a review on the book which you can read here.

In this movie though the storyline is basically the same. A group of friends work at the Waffle Town and over the course of 2 days get into various hi jinks as well as throwing a raging party of the year. This is where the similarities of the book and the movie mainly end. Julie meets rising pop star Stuart on the train and when the train stalls out near the Waffle Town runs in there to get out of the cold. Julie then ends up taking Stuart to meet her family to get him away from the paparazzi and into her normal boring life. Meanwhile into the Waffle Town walks a group of cheerleaders which causes one of the employees to struggle to create a balance between her crush and her best friend.

I really enjoyed the book that lead to the screenplay for this movie. I felt that each of the stories had a deeper depth on its own as well as together. In the movie, there seem to be disjointed parts that weren’t explained well in the movie such as the appearance of the pig, why there was a need for a party at the Waffle Town and why everyone was obsessed with Waffle Town. I would still recommend that you see the movie since I thought it was a charmingly cute holiday movie worth watching during this season.

I hope to see you in another post very soon!

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