ManeaterManeater by Gigi Levangie Grazer
Published by Pocket Star on October 31, 2006
Pages: 464
Format: Paperback

Feast your eyes on Clarissa. At twenty-eight (thirty-one), Clarissa Alpert is blessed with a designer wardrobe, a daddy-subsidized apartment, and an A-list speed-dial. Gorgeous and wildly uninhibited, she has amassed a list of exes that amounts to a Who's Who of Hollywood power players. But with her twenty-ninth (thirty-second) birthday looming, she starts to panic. Who on earth could possibly make her an honest woman?

She's reserved a table for two. Enter Aaron Mason, the latest, hottest new producer in town, who Clarissa decides is the future "Mr. Alpert." With the help of her vivacious friends, her aerobicized Latina mother, her ex-con father, and the most divine gay waiter in Hollywood, Clarissa plans the biggest wedding L.A. has seen in years -- all before the couple's first date. Catching Aaron's eye is not the problem. He just seems to have his own agenda. Could Clarissa have finally bitten off more than she can chew?

I recently finished Maneater by Gigi Levangle Grazer. Ok, I’ll admit that I had watched the Lifetime Movie in 2008 with  Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Judy Greer ( 13 going on 30). Although, I’ll give in and say that I only watched because the concept of a maneater seemed so intriguing.

Like many a people will say the book is better than the movie and in some ways I agree. The book did a good job of developing Clarissa’s and Aaron’s backstory and keeping that story together. It didn’t manage to keep the secondary characters story together and would often hop from their story line to the main story line in a matter of moments. The movie kept the story line of both the main and secondary characters flowing together beautifully and you never felt that one story was deeply more important than the other. Like many a book adaption there were parts of  the book changed for the movie so that the movie flowed better and appeared more realistic. I would recommend both the book to read and the movie to rent, but not to own.


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