May Monthly Wrap-Up

It’s surprisingly June already! I have been going a little stir crazy since being in Quarantine since the end of March. Hawaii has finally been easing up on some of the restrictions since the middle of May and as much as I am eager to get back to more normal life, I know that life won’t be completely normal for sometime. Here’s a short list of things that I have loving lately during the month of May.

Loving: still love sleeping in, cooking a bit more, working through Jordan’s Page’s budget class, and feeling invigorated to use things up
Watching: more horror movies in preparation for Scaretober, re-watching How I met your Mother , and binging NCIS
Reading: a few books for Scaretober, but overall reading has been slow. I do have new book posts coming .
Over: being inside, the same things over and over, people being crazy and not listening to the guidelines.
Looking Forward to: Sunny days, working out of the house again, and doing more normal things

What have you been up to lately? How have your quarantine days been going? What blogs have you been reading? Have you been doing anything else out of the ordinary?

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