Mid-year chat

It’s been a while since I actually sat down to chat with you and considering this is an actual chat and not a Currently post this is rather different for me. I’m so grateful if you have been reading the blog since I started. Heck, if you have been reading since the last year I’m still super grateful.

If you are new to these parts, welcome! I’m Jamie, the voice behind GreySkySaturday. There’s a rather short introduction on my about me page, so I’ll keep it short and sweet here. I mainly do book reviews as of lately, occasionally I’ll do movie reviews, posts about my life in Hawaii and on a rare occasions the sponsored posts. Today’s post is a rather new one for me because I’m doing a mid-year check in for the my 2018 resolutions post.

The last year has been full of changes which probably explains why I have tried to keep posts on here as regular as possible. Last Summer, I finally got around to buying my own domain name and doing a little bit of an overhaul on what was here before. I started getting back to posting content fairly regularly bringing back my Scaretober feature in October. I also started making time to read more, so I’ve definitely stepped up those posts. In a half unexpected way, I changed real life jobs in  mid-February. While, I enjoyed my old job and it gave me many freedoms such as running this blog and helping them create a social media presence, I thought it was time for more stability and new challenges. My new job gives me a regular 8-5pm hours, technically more work/life balance all the for costs of union dues and regular paychecks. All that aside, I’ve finally feel like I’m really getting my feet under me and feel less like I’m drowning in my life.

For my 2018 resolutions, I can definitely tell you and you have probably noticed that I’ve been reading like crazy. I’ve finally set my goal for reading on Goodreads at 52, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to achieve that goal, but since we are halfway through the year I definitely think that goal is doable. I can also tell you that I while I’ve only finished 3 shadows so far, I’ve also seen some incredible progress including hitting pan on eye shadows that I hadn’t planned on. I’ve also been on a rather large no spend/budgeting this year and trying to knock out my debt as much as possible. It’s been weighing on me lately and sometimes when I look at home much I have that weighs on me also. I can only say that I’m trying and working slowly through it and I’m not perfect by any mean. As for the trips, you may have seen that Matt & I did end up taking a trip to Maui for his friends wedding , I’m not sure if we are going to do anymore. We are hoping to get another trip in the fall, but money and moving in together has been a big draw this year also.

I hope that this post hasn’t been too long or too boring. I know that I would usually leave this for a Sunday Confessions posts, but  I wanted to take a minute and let you know what has happened in the past year. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the year and what I can bring for you. I hope that you’ll continue to stay with me and look forward to the new content that is coming in the coming months. I’ll see you soon!

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