Monthly Questions: Happy July!


Audrey Hepburn at the furniture store

I thought that one great feature to add to my blog aside from Tantalizing Tuesdays would be some monthly questions. I wanted to do it weekly originally, but sometimes life gets in the way and I want to make things interesting. Feel free to leave questions that you would want me to answer for the next month.

1. Coffee or Tea?
As much as I LOVE coffee I’ve been trying to quit for at least a year, it’s not working. Lately though I’ve definitely been loving Iced Tea and Iced Tea Lemonades

2. What’s on my ipod?
Starbucks Summer Mix, Hayley Taylor, One Republic, and WakeyWakey

3. What’s a superpower I dream of possessing?
I wouldn’t mind having the power to heal people. I know too many people who are suffering through incurable diseases at the moment.

4. What’s my favorite way to relax?
I love to travel and try new restaurants. There are a few new restaurants that have been popping up in the neighborhood that I want to try.

5. Goals for the month:
Stay happy, keep meeting new people, and stay relaxed

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