Monthly Questions: March Madness!

To Do List from Yaniv Fridman on Vimeo.

1. If you have one, can you tell me about your fitness routine?  I attempt to go running/walking as much as I can. Sometimes, I even try to sneak in a workout when I’m not really thinking about it.

2. A bad habit you’re trying to break? 
Not drinking enough water and snacking on grains…Oy vey!

3. If your life were fictionalized and made into a movie, what genre would it be? 
Drama I think, possibly like Claire Danes in Shop Girl if you’ve seen it.

4. Do you have a good luck charm? 
No or rather I haven’t had one in a long time that has really worked for me.

5. Song I can’t stop listening to is… 
I think the song is called Cough Syrup. I absolutely love that song and I don’t even know why!
6. Makeup or fashion?   Makeup I can never keep up with fashion and I mostly dress comfortably more than anything else.
7. Heels or flats? Flats! Lately that’s all I’ve been wearing because I’ve been working so much lately 🙁 I really should start wearing heels more!

8. Mood:
Confused a lot has happen in the last month and it has been nothing but crazy. I need a long vacation to decompress and completely relax and not think about things for a while.

9. Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert. Did you see that Time magazine article on introverts and the powers of introverts? I do try to not be so introverted since it is helpful in my daily life.

10. The least amount of sleep you can get by on? 4 hours I think unless I’m really not sleeping at all and that would suck so much.

Hey Everyone! I finally had time to post to blog and to get around to some monthly questions. It’s been so crazy at work lately that I have barely even had a chance to breathe. Hopefully though I’ll get a chance to write and chat more I miss being on here and writing to you. Hope that your life is going well and that you’re staying happy!


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