Monthly Questions: May Flowers…..


1. Mood:
This week has been absolutely crazy! I got back from a trip to Sacramento on Monday and with the college students finishing and summer getting into full swing it’s just gonna continue to get more crazy! It’ll be good though 🙂

2. Do you have a friend who’s always up for anything?
I have several friends who are always up for anything. Usually I’m the one trying to contain them, hahah! One of my friends even wants to go sky diving, we still haven’t gone yet though.
3. Time for our afternoon snack break! Where should we go?
 I crave chocolate most of the time, but I often have to alternate between that and salty snacks. I still have not managed to get away from the carbs yet though.

4.Did you take any lessons when you were a kid?
My mom threw me into all kinds of lessons when I was little: ballet, tap dancing, piano, ice skating, swimming not to mention all the time I spent in math tutoring! I’m not good at any of these anymore unfortunately

5. Breakfast for dinner: yay or nay?
ALWAYS! I love having breakfast for dinner. My roommates and I used to do it all the time in college. Eggs, bacon, waffles, sometimes waffles with bacon inside and on the occasion banana pancakes.

6.What’s the first thing you do when you get off work/out of school?
Call KonaBoy and see where he’s at if we haven’t already spoken for the day and then grab a glass of water for the road because the traffic when I get off work is HORRIBLE!

7. Do you play video games?
It’s been known to happen on occasion, but because my parents wouldn’t buy a gaming system for my brother and I when we were little I somehow manage to suck, but on very rare occasions pull of brilliant moves.

8.Do you buy lottery tickets?
Nope! Never bought a lottery ticket, but I’ve received one;)

9.  Are you a card shark?
Not really by any means, although people have called me a shark because often after they wrangle me into a game I win. Who knows maybe I’m just lucky 😉

10. Weekly Goals:
Survive this week, manage to get a lot of my projects done at work, send tons of emails catching up on things, keep caught up on blogging, read more, edit more photos, and breathe!

The original of the above photograph was taken by Dustin Soriano Photography. He’s amazingly brilliant and I highly recommend him. This week has been crazy and I know the next couple months will be even crazier, but hopefully I can find sanity in the midst of it all. My boss has been trying to get us to do meditation for busy people on a regular basis to center ourselves, so hopefully I can stick to it and get more focus and clarity on my life.

Hope that you are doing well and thanks for reading!


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