Monthly Questions: September Falls!


1. Mood:
CRAZY! Actually life has been super crazy! There’s a lot happening at work and I don’t mind it although because it’s Fall I feel like I’m driving at 80 in a 40 zone. It will be December way too soon!

2. Facebook or Twitter:
I’m definitely liking Twitter, but hate that everyone and their dog is doing it these days.  If you’re only posting links and are not really talking to people then Twitter isn’t for you, sorry! I love the instant interaction  and meeting people from everywhere 🙂

3. Who are the funniest people you know?
Well….all the kids I work with are super funny. Seriously, it’s a nonstop laugh track when we hang out. Other than that, I’d recommend Caprice Crane and Jeff Dunham both can make me crack a smile on a bad day.

4. Gold or Silver:
I definitely mix and match gold and silver, but I definitely prefer silver over gold cause it match my skin tone better. I think that gold make me look too yellow  :/

5.  Do you enjoy cleaning?
Actually most of the time yes. Although, I can’t handle my mom’s schedule for cleaning. I think that she cleans far too much for her own good!

My life seriously feels as if I’ve been doing zero to 60 lately, but I kind of like it. I recently  have been doing more hiking lately, which I’m definitely loving being outdoors more. I also have been catching up on a few shows lately that I’ve missed in the past and it’s been so great! Definitely, so much going on, but I’m loving it!

If there’s any questions that you would like me to answer in future monthly questions let me know.

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