More Pan that Palette & 15 by 2015 updates


Hello Everyone!
I know that it’s been a while since I posted here. I’ll just stop making excuses of not keeping up with blogging, but basically I have felt unmotivated to update here and have been trying to keep my real life together for the most part. It’s a bit of crazy situation. I am trying to improve little things with the blog here and there, but that has not given me enough time to sit down and write post the way I would like.

Getting back to the more important things about this post being my Pan that Palette and 15 by 2015 updates. Below you will find videos featured on my youtube channel from the March and April updates. I will try to post the upcoming May update sooner. I have been filming the monthly updates since I started on January 15 on the 15th of every month unlike the rest of the beauty community that films updates at the end/ beginning of each month.

March update

April update

I’m super excited at the progress that I’m making on my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette second edition, but I’m feeling a little discouraged at the progress I’m making on my 15 by 2015 challenge. I’ll keep going on both challenges and see where it goes. I also hope to have more blog posts coming up here soon. If you can’t find me here, please find me on youtube or instagram would be the best places.


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