Movie Review: 21 and over

21 & Over (2013) Poster

It’s Jeff Chang’s 21st birthday, so his best  friends from high school, Miller and Casey show up to help him celebrate. But Jeff has an interview the next day for medical school which his very strict father is going to bring him to, so he can’t go out. Miller however  convinces Jeff to go out and they get so drunk that they don’t know where they are and how to get back Jeff’s place.  Jeff is beyond wasted at this point and spends quite a bit of the movie passed out. The gang desperately need to get back to Jeff’s place before the morning, so his dad will not find out and invoke his rath upon the gang. Miller and Casey decide to ask a girl,Nicole,  whom Jeff knows if she could help them but she doesn’t know either. Nicole tells them maybe her boyfriend might know. Miller and Casey go off to find him ,only to find out that he is one of the guys that they had gotten angry at them earlier that night. Miller and Casey try to get Jeff back on their own and go through various obstacles to find out where he lives. While on their search, Miller and Casey find out that Jeff owns a gun and this surprises them because they realize that they have no idea what has been going on in his life.  It is also during these shenanigans that Miller admits to Casey that he dropped out of college 2 years ago and has been working at a gas station ever since. Miller and Casey eventually manage to get Jeff home and ready just before his dad arrives to pick him for the medical school interview.  Jeff mostly sober admits to Miller and Casey just before his dad arrives that he might not want to go to med school or be a doctor after all. When Jeff’s dad shows up, Jeff manages to gather up the courage to tell his dad that he does not want to go to the med school interview and that he is old enough to be in control of his life.

Overall this movie is amazing. The cast is killer with many little known actors. It also showcases great songs creating a killer soundtrack. All in all, the movie is great for a 20 something crowd to relate to because they will understand the wonderful joys of a 21st birthday. It’s definitely as people say The Hangover for the 20 something crowd. I recommend that you watch this movie when you get the chance because it is on Netflix!

It has definitely been a while since I have done a proper movie review on here and I am glad that I am getting back to blogging more regularly. I hope that you have been enjoying all my post recently and hopefully I will see you very soon with a great post!

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