Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

So…it has been a minute since I did a movie review, but I thought that this movie deserved a review. The Boy and I actually went to see this on opening day and surprisingly enough our theater wasn’t full at all. If you don’t read any further now that I actually liked this movie quite a bit. There were certain parts that were slow and a bit predictable, but overall I loved it.

The movie picks up a few months or nearly a year after Avengers 2. Hawkeye is still in retirement, Hulk and Thor have not been heard from in months. I won’t drop the bomb about Tony Stark and Pepper, but I’m sad that she didn’t even make an appearance in the movie. I’m glad that Hawkeye did make an appearance along with several other characters from the Marvel universe. Seriously though who didn’t see the other characters from the Marvel universe making an appearance in this movie.

The Boy blatantly pointed out that as far as movie plots go there were some holes in the Civil War plot and minor characters that weren’t introduced properly. I had no idea that the terrorist guy in the beginning was Crossbones or that there was more of a story behind Vision & Scarlet Witch. It will be interesting to see how the movie progresses as far as movie/comic books go.

Everything about this movie was amazing and I would go see this movie again. There were parts I wouldn’t mind seeing again, so that I could further analyze it. I really do hope that Iron Patriot gets better and that Winter Soldier wakes up from his slumber, I miss him.

I hoped that you enjoyed this post, if you have seen Captain America: Civil War please feel free to let me know your thoughts. I hope to see you in another post very soon!


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