Movie Review: Coming Home for Christmas


I know that I’ve been posting quite a bit of movie reviews lately, but I guess that it is good that I’m working through my Netflix Queue right? As Christmas approaches I tend to binge watch Christmas movies like no other, I think it might be worse than people’s obsession with Halloween movies from ABC Family. When you search Christmas movies on Netflix you will find everything under the sun. I’ve probably watched them all by now.

Coming Home for Christmas stars Amy Jo Johnson as Wendy, Katie O’ Brien’s mom. Yes, you read that right, the Pink Power Ranger is still around and is still acting. I didn’t even know that, when I decided to watch this movie. Katie O’Brien narrates the movie in the begining stating that she thought that she had used to have the perfect Christmases as a child because it was always so special and although she had to live in the shadow of her perfect older sister,Melanie it was always different at Christmas. Or at least it was up until Melanie’s wedding where she catches the groom-to-be flirting with one of the other bridesmaids. When she tells Melanie what she saw her sister is furious with her for trying to ruin her wedding. Katie storms out and doesn’t talk to Melanie for 5 years. In that time the family appears to fall apart: no more family Christmases, no more family home due to the recession, and even though Melanie won’t tell anyone she’s now separate from her husband and not wealthy in her own right.

When Katie’s father makes the mistake of bringing a dog home, Katie’s mom Wendy is furious and that is the breaking point for her parents separating. Katie is taken aback that her parents are separating that she refuses to believe it and doesn’t want it to happen. So she hatches a plan to create the perfect Christmas for her parents. While creating the perfect Christmas for her parents, she makes up with her sister for show and then for real and also falls in  love with the guy that just happens to be the new owner of the family home. I’m seriously trying not to spoil all these movies for you since I want you to actually watch them too!

This movie is cute and I very much appreciated the fact that there was some depth to this movie that was kept hidden. The main point of the movie was that looks can be deceiving and that even if everything looks perfect doesn’t mean that it really is. You should check out this movie if you like Christmas movies.

Feel free to leave me your Christmas movie recommendations I would love to have some more. I hope to see you soon, maybe in another post?


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