Movie Review: Creed

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I know that you haven’t heard from me all week, don’t worry though I will be back hopefully on a more regular basis in 2016. Developing an actual blogging schedule is on my list of goals for the coming year. Today’s post will be a movie review on Creed. I had read some good reviews on this when it first came out, but since I’m not a huge Rocky fan I hadn’t planned on seeing this movie in the theaters. It happened though and surprisingly enough even though this movie came out around Thanksgiving the theater was packed last night!

This synopsis maybe very bad since I’m not familiar with the Rocky Balboa story. The story opens with a boy (Adonis Johnson Creed) causing a fight in a juvenile detention center and after he’s caught he’s put into solitary confinement. On the same day he has a visitor. When he meets the woman the boy assumes that the woman(MaryAnn) is a social worker, when she says that she’s not, but rather was married to his father, Apollo Creed. The boy’s ears perk up and the woman continues on to say that she wants to raise him. Flash forward 20 years or so and the boy, Adonis, is now a grown man and is about to go into a boxing match in Mexico. The film does not show the fight, but the next thing you see is Adonis has come back from Mexico and is resigning his job to become a full time boxer. At first he doesn’t tell the woman who raised him that he quit his corporate job to pursue boxing full time. The next day after he isn’t taken on by his father’s gym does he tell her that he’s moving to Philadelphia and is pursuing boxing full-time. MaryAnn is upset by Adonis’s decision and refuses to support him or speak to him. After Adonis secures an apartment in Philadelphia he tracks down Rocky and tries to get him to be his trainer. It takes a while, but Rocky agrees to be Adonis’s trainer. Adonis secures and wins his first official boxing fight and after that it comes out that he is Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son.  The press of being Apollo Creed’s son attracted the attention of Pretty Ricky, a boxer that is going to jail in the next year. Pretty Ricky’s manager offers Adonis and Rocky a fight deal. It is during this time that  Rocky finds out that he has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and refuses to get treatment. Adonis and Rocky come to terms that Adonis will fight under the name Creed as long as Rocky agrees to fight his cancer.

I won’t give away the ending of the film, but it’s a good and nice tribute to the original Rocky films. Overall, I thought this film was great and a nice way to introduce a new generation to Rocky at the same time doing a nice tribute to the original films. Let’s not include Rocky Balboa in the mix of original films. I am hoping that Hollywood won’t go for a sequel with this film. I recommend this film overall and would recommend that you pay the money to go see it on the big screen.I hope to see you in another post soon, I hope.


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