Movie Review: DeadPool

See…I’m back today with a movie review, I promise there will be more real posts coming soon, I’m working on it. Today though I’m going to talk about DeadPool. Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost, I beg of you please do not take you children if they are under 18. This movie is highly rated R and if there was a movie rating higher than R or if they still used NC-17 then this movie would probably have that rating. NOT JOKING!

The Boy asked if we could see this movie on Valentine’s Day and I said No. I’m not a fan of crowds and since I had been at a work event for a good chunk of the weekend. We saw a movie the following Tuesday on the 16th and The Boy even sprang for tickets in the Titan XC theater which is about $3 more.

DeadPool is pretty awesome, but slightly predictable as seen in narration by Ryan Reynolds. Please try not to be one of those people that predicts everything in the movie,yes I know someone like that. The soundtrack to the movie is killer and I’m tempted to purchase it, or maybe it’s just my 90’s kid coming through. I really do  hope that they do a sequel to the movie. I will also advise that DeadPool is not your average superhero. Just go see it, I did and for the most part I’m not even a full human when it comes to movies.

I hope to see you in another post very soon!



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