Movie Review: Doctor Strange

I am trying to get to more balanced blogging schedule. I know that you read quite a few movie reviews from during Scaretober, but there are still a couple of amazing movies hitting the box office this holiday season which I wanted to give you my thoughts on. Don’t worry I will try and post more real life content on here soon, so I apologize for the plethora of reviews lately.

If you have been with me a while you will know that I am not a huge comic book fan, but I have enjoyed watching both the Marvel and DC universe unfold on the big screen for the past decade. Many of you have probably already guessed that I am much more of Marvel fan than a DC fan due to the content of their movies, but with any adaptation of a comic book character I am open to seeing.

The Dr. Strange movie is just another in a long line of the building of the Marvel universe, which seems to have a pretty extensive plan plotted out well into 2030 it would seem. In this addition to the Marvel universe, we find ourselves following a neurosurgeon by the name of Dr. Stephen Strange through his downfall due to a car accident which ends his surgical career to eventual superhero. Dr. Strange uses all of his money to try and find a cure through western medicine to get his hands back to normal. When western medicine is unable to grant him what he needs. He journeys to Nepal to get in touch with Eastern medicine. It is while in Nepal learning the ways of sorcery from the Ancient One does he discover that the universe is much bigger than it appears to be. He manages to learn enough sorcery to help several people under the Ancient One save the New York and Hong Kong sanctum as well as save the world from total destruction.

I won’t give away the whole movie since it is definitely worth seeing. I loved how Dr. Strange figures out how to use the Eye of Agamotto and how the cloak of Levitation comes to him during a fight of the New York sanctum. I can’t wait to see how this folds into the Marvel Universe with the anticipation of the next Thor movie or how Dr. Strange 2 will unfold now since Mordo has decided to be a moral compass. I hope that I didn’t give away too much of the movie or too much of the end credit trailers since there are 2. Definitely go see this movie, you won’t regret it.

I hope to see you in another post very soon!

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