Movie and Book Review: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

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As you probably know, I am doing #HPDec once again this year. I thought it was only fitting that I include some of the newer manuscripts to the Harry Potter world including: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and this movie. I will also be doing a review on the movie manuscript later this month, but thought that I would first review the movie.

I saw the movie on Thanksgiving Day Weekend. Surprisingly enough, when I saw it there  weren’t that many people in my showing so I could ooh, ahh…and squeek over all things of the Wizarding World.. I had watched all the trailers and honestly that didn’t even do the movie justice, although I’m not quite sure what to think on the 5 movies that will come from the book along with a re-release of the textbook this Spring.

Back to what we are really here for, the movie. I love how Newt Scamander brings his creatures to New York. I love the first interaction of Newt and Mr. Kowalski at the bank to mention that we get to meet a Niffler for the first time. I’m so in love with the niffler! Trust me once you see it in the movie you will want a niffler too! The Pop Funko doll doesn’t quite do it justice. I love the interactions between Newt and Tina. I can’t wait to see more of their love story.

Here’s a rundown on the movie: Newt Scamander comes to New York/ America to return one of his magical creatures to its native home. Shortly after he arrives in New York, he runs into a group of people that hate wizards that are protesting in front of the bank. While watching the protest niffler manages to escape from the confines of his suitcase and get into the bank. Newt follows niffler into the bank and meets Kowalski who watches him use magic and they end up accidentally switching suitcases. After which several of the other exotic creatures escape the suitcase and run amok in New York. In the meantime, New York and the Wizarding World in America is dealing with the fact that there are unexpected events happening throughout the city. In the beginning it is also reported through the flash of several newspaper clippings that Grindelwald the first really bad wizard has disappeared.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but I am seriously in love with this movie. Perhaps it is because we got to see a niffler up close. Perhaps it is because the movie is set in the 1920s and the fashion of that time, I can’t. I don’t know, the movie is amazing and great beyond belief. I love the fact that David Yates is once again directing this part of the Wizarding World.

*edit I just finished reading the movie script. I will say that the script is fairly well written and very detailed. I’m glad that I was able to understand Eddie Redmayne in the movie otherwise the script would have been super helpful. I wasn’t as impressed with the script as I thought I would be. I would have thought there would be more, maybe implications of what we can see in the next movies, but alas there is not.

If you have seen this movie let me know your thoughts, if you haven’t seen this movie yet I highly recommend that you do so. I will see you soon in another post.

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