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I know that it’s been  a bit since I posted here. I’ve just been super bogged down with work. Somehow July has turned into one of the busiest months at work, seriously I have very few weekends free this month not to mention that I’ve been not feeling completely well lately.

Let’s get to the real reason you are here the review. The Boy and I went to see this just after opening weekend. We were actually surprised that the theater was not super full.

I absolutely love Finding Nemo and probably have watched it a thousand times. The Boy is defective and has only maybe seen it a handful of times. I couldn’t wait for this movie to come out since the moment I laid eyes on the trailer. I won’t give too much of the movie away in case you still haven’t seen it yet. The movie claims to pick up a year after Finding Nemo and Dory has come to live in the reef with Marlin and Nemo. We find that Dory still has dreams/nightmares about finding her family. One day when Mr. Ray is taking the class out for an excursion partial memories of her parents and where she came from suddenly come rushing back to her. She convinces Marlin and Nemo that they need to go to California to find her family. Once again we encounter Squirt and Crush riding the currents with the rest of the turtles on their journey somewhere. Dory, Marlin, and Nemo ride the currents to California and we definitely see a change in the water it becomes murky and disgusting looking. Dory navigates her way to the Marine Life Institute and with the help of some sea lions she makes her way into the Marine Life Institute. She meets a septupus named Hank who helps her get to birth home. Dory eventually finds her parents and she, Marlin, Nemo, and nearly all the new characters we meet end up coming back to live in the reef.

While I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. I would still probably see it again since I only saw the end credits scene through a youtube hack (oops…) It’s totally worth the wait. I hate the fact that once you realize that Dory missed finding her parents the first time and could have cut 30 minutes out of the movie if she had only been paying attention you will kick yourself. I loved this movie overall and wouldn’t mind seeing a follow-up movie that involved Hank and life on the reef. I hope that you enjoyed this movie as much as I did.

I hope to see you in another post very soon!

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