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I know that I have not done a movie review in a while I thought that I would do one for you today. I’m slowly getting more motivated to blog again and finding new blogs to read has also spurned my interest to once again change some things up in this blog design in the future. Let’s get back to the review though.

I found Fun size on Netflix and dropped it into my queue a while ago and had not got around to watching it until now when Netflix announced they were getting rid of just under 50 or so movies from its service. I’m pretty sure that this movie is still on there though, so check it out.

Fun Size stars Victoria Justice and Chelsea Handler as the only notable names in the movie. Victoria Justice plays 17 year old Wren, a senior in high school who is already planning on leaving her small town and going to NYU. Wren narrates the beginning of the movie explaining that her dad made it seem that life for him started when he went to NYU and that has always been the plan for her to go. Wren’s mom, Joy played by Chelsea Handler does not want Wren to go so far away to school and ever since her dad died several months earlier has been going through a strange grieving process in which at the moment means that she has taken on a 20 something boyfriend.
On Halloween Joy asks Wren to take her little brother, Albert trick o treating in the neighborhood while she is at a Halloween party. Wren agrees to take Albert trick o treating for a little while and then makes plans with her best friend April to escape to Aaron Reily’s Halloween party. Things are going as planned until Wren loses Albert in a haunted house. The rest of the film is Wren trying to find Albert all over town and the trouble that Albert gets into all over town. Don’t worry by the end of the film Wren finds Albert and they share a tender moment with their dad in the cemetery and Wren’s mom, Joy finally wakes up to the fact that she has 2 kids and that her 20 something boyfriend may not be the answer to her problems.
You will love this movie if you liked the Hangover and other comedies like it.I hope to see you again with another post!


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