Movie Review: Get Santa

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I know that I’ve been posting quite a bit of movie reviews lately, but I guess that it is good that I’m working through my Netflix Queue right? As Christmas approaches I tend to binge watch Christmas movies like no other, I think it might be worse than people’s obsession with Halloween movies from ABC Family. When you search Christmas movies on Netflix you will find everything under the sun. I’ve probably watched them all by now.

I have no idea why I am such a sucker for Christmas movies, but I am. I think that this year I will need to find a copy of Home Alone and Home Alone 2 and add those to my watch list. Today I’m going to review Get Santa (2014).

This movie is a Scott Free Production film that is mostly set in Britain. A dad,Steve Adnerson  gets out of jail close to Christmas and is dying to see his son, Tom. That same night Tom finds Santa sleeping in his garage. Santa tells Tom that he has crash landed in Britain and that he needs to get back to the North Pole before Christmas otherwise Christmas is ruined. Tom desperatly wants to help Santa and save Christmas. Unfortunately, Steve chases Santa off and Santa get thrown in jail and has to learn to fend for himself. Meanwhile, Tom convinces his dad to help him save Christmas. Tom and Steve find Santa’s sleigh exactly where Santa said that he left it and it turns out that it comes with a slightly complex user manual that Tom and Steve need to figure out.

Steve and Tom end up traveling to Elf City at the North Pole and just about when the elves are ready to give up hope Steve comes up with a plan to get Santa out of jail and to save Christmas. Meanwhile news stations are reporting that kids in Australia and Samoa are waking up to find their stockings empty and that there were no presents under the tree. Santa does manage to get out of prison and almost gets captured by the police several times, but in the final minutes of the show he flies away saying that he relied on Steve because of all the children he has encountered Steve still has the Rubik Cube that he asked for as a child and is still working on it honestly.

This movie was cute and fun. I would recommend it if you are looking for a light hearted movie that helps restore your faith in people and bring back your Christmas list. I probably won’t add this movie to my permanent collection, but I wouldn’t turn down a chance to watch it either.

I hope to see you soon possibly in another post!


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