Movie Review: Goosebumps


I’m back today with yet another post, I apologize that it’s so late. I’m really hoping that I will be able to post daily through the holidays but we will see. Let’s get on with the review.

I recently went to see the Goosebumps movie that stars Jack Black. I was excited when they announced that they were doing a Goosebumps movie several years ago, but hesitant to see it because it was going to be starring Jack Black. When I saw the trailer for this movie I had high hopes for the movie. I only saw a regular version of this movie though I would think a 3D version of this would be much scarier.

The movie opens with Zach and his mom,Gale, moving from New York City to Delaware to attempt to get away from their sad past. Gale has just taken the job as vice-principal at the local high school. Just as they arrive Zach meets his neighbor Hannah who is an attractive girl and her not so people friendly father. On Zach’s first day of school, he meets a kid named Champ who decides that Zach is going to be his best friend. A few nights later Zach hears screaming coming from Hannah’s house and tries to investigate but is repeatedly brushed off by Hannah’s dad. Determined to find out if Hannah is okay Zach calls Champ and together they break into Hannah’s house to make sure that she is ok. While looking for Hannah in the house Zach finds a bookshelf full of Goosebumps manuscripts and is confused as to why they are locked. Zach decides that it wouldn’t hurt to open one of the books much to Champ’s chagrin. Out of the books comes the Abominable Snowman, Hannah hears the ruckus and comes running and is freaked out that they have opened a book. She tells them that they need to recapture the snowman and put him back in the book. While, they go on the hunt for the snowman another book falls from shelf and gets unlocked.

The snowman is eventually cornered at the ice rink and is sucked back into his book by Hannah’s dad who has figured out what they have done. He is extremely upset about this and when Zach asks him why he has those manuscripts he admits that he is R. L. Stine the author of the Goosebumps series. When they get back to the house, while R. L. Stine is packing to leave without explanation he goes to grab the books and finds that the other book that has been opened is the one that contains a living ventriloquist doll who decides to take revenge for being locked away for several years.

Slappy, the ventriloquist doll, vanishes from the house with all the books unlocking them as he goes. He also sets the books on fire, so that the characters are permanently released into the world. R. L. Stine tells them kids that the only way to suck the characters back into the books and release them from the world  is to write the ultimate story using his typewriter, which is encased as the high school. The group manages to make it to the high school and R. L. Stine is able to write most of the manuscript for the final book on the typewriter before Slappy injures his hands and Zach has to finish the manuscript at the top of the Ferris Wheel because R. L. Stine can no longer type and is now fighting with Slappy for his life. In the process of writing the final manuscript, Zach discovers that Hannah is not a real girl, but a ghost from one of the books that R.L. Stine has written and that she has never been told, but managed to figure it out on her own. Zach flips the final manuscript open and all the characters including Hannah get sucked into the final book. The movie closes with a new week at the high school, that is recovering from the considerable damage. R. L. Stine has now become a substitute English teach at the high school when he runs into Zach and admits that he has written one more book. Zach turns to see Hannah and is overjoyed. Hannah has been released into the world and R. L. Stine burns the book to make sure that she doesn’t get sucked back in. R.L. Stine walks past his typewriter, which has once again been encased in the hallway in the high school and it begins typing. He gets curious and finds that the Invisible Boy did not get sucked into the Final Manuscript.

I loved the way this movie played out. I’m even impressed that R. L. Stine got a walk-on cameo at the end of the movie. I’m not sure what to think of if they did a sequel to the movie. I think the movie is great as a stand alone. Right now, I’m in the mood to re-read the Goosebumps series, though I’ll have to admit that I did not read most of the series when it was actually out. When I looked it up on the R. L. Stine website I still find it hard to believe that he only wrote 62 books. Hopefully, he’ll write more in the future. It sounds like he might pick up the series from the Tweets on his twitter.

Hopefully, I will see you very soon with another post.


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