Movie Review: Jobs

I finally got around to watching this movie. It’s on Netflix in case you are interested. This was the first of the movies on Steve Jobs to come out after his passing.

This movie stars Ashton Kutcher who did quite a good job of looking like Steve Jobs. The movie opens with the 2001 Apple Townhall meeting in which the ipod was first introduced. The movie then flashes back to finding Steve auditing classes after he has already officially dropped out of college. In the early parts of the movie, Steve comes off as a hippy longing to find a way to connect more with the earth. Steve goes a short trip to India and after which returns to work at Atari. After complications with his co-workers, Steve designs his first game for Atari with Steve Wozniack’s help, though he doesn’t give him credit. Steve Jobs pays Wozniack a nice fee, but not what he was paid for the project. While at Wozniack’s house, he spots a project that Wozniack has been designing and convinces him to present it to a technology summit in Palo Alto. After the summit Steve Jobs is approach by a tech store manager for a job of 100 “personal computers”. Wozniack once again does most of the real technical work and Steve Jobs is being the main marketing man. In the first days of production of the “personal computer” Wozniack is convinced that Jobs is crazy and that they won’t get the job for the tech store manager done. Jobs without consulting with Wozniack hires the first employees of Apple. The motherboards for the first “personal computer” is filled, but the tech store manager is not initially happy and is tempted not to pay them. Jobs convinces him that he know has the upper hand with his customers and not can up sell them with products in his store. Apple becomes incorporated when an investor/future board member comes along and decides to give them a real office. Jobs in the first discussion of stocks decides to cut out his former roommate and friend out of founding stock. Jobs begins to change from hippy personality into a ruthless corporate business man. He will eventually stab everyone who started Apple with him in the back. The movie closes with Steve Jobs recording one of his famous quotes as seen below.

Here are my thoughts on the movie, I thought it did a good job of portraying him as a real person. He may have actually been an asshole who was truly an intuitive marketing genius. We fell in love with the legend and myth of Steve Jobs as well as the products that Apple pushed out in the past decade. We failed to see him often times for his failures, The first Mac. I loved the way this movie turned out and I can’t wait to see how future bio pics will portray him. See you in another post soon!

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