Movie Review: Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan (2016) Poster
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I saw this movie a while ago and I really wanted to review it for you, so I apologize if it is not in theaters anymore. You can look forward to it on Netflix and rentals though when it comes out.

As we have seen in recent years Disney has jumped on the live action train doing live action version of several of their old movies, the last one being The Jungle Book. I don’t hate that live action movies of formerly cartoon movies are becoming more popular because it gives you a different take on the movie. I have not read the book for which the movie Legend of Tarzan in based on so I can not tell you if it more closely matches the book.

In general I loved this movie. This movie had such a different take than the cartoon version which was amazing to watch. It is shot in the same manner as The Jungle Book in that darker slightly scarier showing. If you have seen the cartoon you will have a general idea of the story of the Legend of Tarzan,  but the film starts considerably in the future much after the cartoon version of Tarzan. In the film, we find that Tarzan, now known as John Clayton, has married Jane and moved back to London to carry on the family name. He still has a grandfather that lives in London. John is approached by a man called George Washington Williams from America who believes that Beligian King Leopold is actually using the train system to enslave the people of Congo. John initially refuses and the decides to go and Jane insists on accompanying him on the trip. John realizes after a short time on the trip that the people working for King Leopold are only interested in killing him for revenge. I won’t spoil the movie anymore since it is such a good movie to watch.

I would definitely recommend this movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it. I would be aware that there is a high amount of violence in the movie along with some fairly dark scenes. Hopefully I will see you soon in another post!

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