Movie Review: Red Riding Hood


Amanda Seyfried stars as Valerie (Red Riding Hood) a young woman who is torn between two men. The man she loves Peter, a brooding outsider, and Henry, the man her mother arranged for her to marry. Valerie intended to run away with Peter so that they could be together, but that night Valerie’s older sister is killed under the harvest moon by the werewolf that plagues the village and surrounding forest. For years the village has lived in an uneasy balance with the werewolf using animal sacrifices, until this incident. The village intent on taking revenge calls on the famed werewolf hunter, Father Solomon in hopes that he will have the answer to their problems. Father Solomon brings the village some grim news stating the the werewolf does not live in the mountains, but amongst the villagers and masquerades as a human by day and a werewolf by night.

I had initially rented this movie off of itunes to watch it on the plane during my vacation last month. This time they actually had halfway decent movies on the plane ( Tron andThe next three days ). I loved this version of Red Riding Hood and how the werewolf and growing up theme was played together. The visuals in the movie are amazing and as the story twist and turns it keeps you guessing on who is the werewolf until the very end. I recommend this movie for a watch and possibly for owning if you are a fan of Red Riding Hood, or visuals at times the acting seems a bit overdone though.

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