Movie Review: Ride

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I know that I’ve been posting quite a bit of movie reviews lately, but I guess that it is good that I’m working through my Netflix Queue right? I had originally put this movie in my queue because Luke Wilson in a surfing movie, what? I have a thing about watching surfing movies and if you have not watched a surfing movie yet, I think that you should. Maybe this one could be your first.

This movie stars Helen Hunt as Jackie an accomplished writer/publisher who lives in New York City. Due to her crazy long hours at work, she would work/sleep next to her young son’s door at night just to make sure that he was okay. Fast forward several years her son, Angelo, is about to start college in the fall and Jackie has become an overbearing crazy mom who can’t seem to let go of her son. When Angelo decides to get to know his father and his family in California, Jackie is a bit disappointed but lets him go anyway. A few weeks into the trip Angelo decides that he likes the California lifestyle so much that he drops out of school and decides that he wants to stay in California. Jackie goes crazy and jets off to California to find out what is wrong with him. When Angelo finds out that Jackie has been borderline stalking him, he forbids to have contact with her and says horrible things to her. Jackie stays in California for an extended period not telling her work that she is actually in California stalking her son. Jackie meets Ian, who saves her from the ocean and then becomes her surfing instructor and sometimes boyfriend. While Jackie is learning to surf, she finally begins to live and have a life of her own. She does not tell Angelo that she is learning to surf, but in one of their final arguments Angelo brings up his dead brother and blame her for his death. Jackie gets really emotional and decides that it is now time to spread her dead son’s ashes. At the end of the movie, Jackie has decided to move to California permanently because she has gotten fired from her job and she needs the nothingness that surfing has given her. Angelo decided that after longing to be like a writer that he observed from afar that this is not the life for him just yet and that he is going back to New York City to study. Jackie and Angelo part on good terms with them surfing a few waves together before Angelo leaves for New York.

I really enjoyed this movie, not just because it had surfing or Luke Wilson in it. I loved it because it showed California as beautiful as it is. I loved it because it showed Jackie as a powerful woman in New York connected and plugged in nearly 24/7 coming to California and learning to surf, a place where she can’t control the ocean and she couldn’t learn to surf in just one day. I loved that it took a while before Jackie could admit to herself that she needed the uneasiness of the ocean and the unpredictability of surfing for her to find herself and live her own life as hard as it was for her to accept. I hope that you’ll add this to your Netflix and give it a watch.

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