Movie Review: Saving Santa

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I know that I’ve been posting quite a bit of movie reviews lately, but I guess that it is good that I’m working through my Netflix Queue right? As Christmas approaches I tend to binge watch Christmas movies like no other, I think it might be worse than people’s obsession with Halloween movies from ABC Family. When you search Christmas movies on Netflix you will find everything under the sun. I’ve probably watched them all by now.

I have no idea why I am such a sucker for Christmas movies, but I am. This animated movie from 2013 stars the voice of Ashley Tisdale, Joan Collins in a story about Bernard the elf trying to create the next amazing gift for children everywhere. In the story, Bernard did create a magical ornament that could show people their most precious Christmas memories which would have been a great gift had it not knocked out the power out in the invention room. Bernard does manage to impress Santa with his reindeer translator which quite translate into English, but into another language which obviously Santa speaks. Then an evil intruder, Nevil Baddington is determined to find the North Pole starts kidnapping elves and Bernard accidentally travels back in time to before Santa was kidnapped. He has a chance of saving Christmas but discovers that he’s the one who let the intruders in.

Bernard goes back in time twice to try and stop himself from making the presentation of a lifetime and causing the blackout at the North Pole. Bernard with some inspiration from a fellow girl elf discovers how to stop Neville Baddington. The way to stop him is to repair his invention and release Neville’s Christmas memory. Bernard almost nearly encounters his otherselves several times near the end. He also gets a little help not ruining the day from the reindeer especially Blitzen. Bernard was able to show Neville his Christmas memory from the past and that Santa and all the elves were able to sing the song. We realize the root of Neville’s problem was his mother.

I thought that this movie was super cute , but a little cliche for believing in Santa and miracles. I thought it was a good movie, but I won’t be watching it again. I hope that this has not turned you off from the movie too much. l hope to see you in another post, hopefully very soon.


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