Movie Review: Small Town Santa

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I know that I’ve been posting quite a bit of movie reviews lately, but I guess that it is good that I’m working through my Netflix Queue right? As Christmas approaches I tend to binge watch Christmas movies like no other, I think it might be worse than people’s obsession with Halloween movies from ABC Family. When you search Christmas movies on Netflix you will find everything under the sun. I’ve probably watched them all by now.

I have no idea why I am such a sucker for Christmas movies, but I am. I think that this year I will need to find a copy of Home Alone and Home Alone 2 and add those to my watch list. Today I’m going to review Small Town Santa (2014).

This movie stars Dean Cain, who plays sheriff in the small town of Rockford. He is a divorced dad whose daughter has a dream that she gets to meet Santa again and ask that he gets her dad to believe in Santa again. Rick Langston comes home to find an elderly man in his home.  He arrests the man and meets while back at the station he meets Lucy and Alana. Then the elderly man breaks out of jail just to find the man back in his house again. Rick also gets a call from his ex-wife to say that his daughter has run away. Kara meets Alana in the basement of the church and they have some fun while the Christmas Eve service is happening. Rick heads back to the station and finds the elderly man still in the cell when he has a crazy dream about Santa. Rick finally admits that he needs to change but just can’t figure out how to do it.

This movie was cute and a bit of a different take on It’s a Wonderful Life. On that note, it was a bit cheesy and I don’t think that I would watch it again, but it was fun to watch this time around. If you haven’t watched this you should definitely check this out for a modern take on it’s a wonderful life.

I hope to see you soon possibly in another post!


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