Movie Review: Smosh the movie

I know that I’ve been posting quite a bit of movie reviews lately, but I guess that it is good that I’m working through my Netflix Queue right? I watched this movie mainly because it’s about youtube sensations SMOSH. If you do not know about SMOSH, check out their youtube channel here. SMOSH is two guys Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, best friends who have teamed up to make funny parodies on the internet. It’s still hard to believe that they have been doing this for 10 years so far.

They were lucky enough to make their own movie based loosely based on their rise to fame with AwesomenessTV. In the movie, the two guys are still geeks from high school are just about to attend their 5 year high school reunion and are still obsessed with the same things they were in high school namely Pocket Slave Monsters (Pokemon). Anthony finds a video of himself performing the Pocket Slave Monster dance that he did at the graduation party on the internet and is determined to get it taken down since he can’t have Anna see it and remember him that way. Anthony drags Ian with him to the Youtube headquarters where they meet with Steve Youtube and head off into the virtual world of youtube videos. While, in the virtual world Anthony finds out that Anna kept a video blog in which she confessed that she actually liked him back then. He when realizes this is becomes even more determined to catch whoever recorded him and posted that video for the world to see. Anthony discovers that Ian posted the video and is mad at him, but in trying to stop him/himself creates an awesome Clone Fight video. It takes a while for Anthony and Ian to defeat Steve Youtube and make it out of the virtual world of youtube, but they manage to. When they arrive back in the real world they discover that by defeating Steve Youtube and creating the Clone Fight video that they have forever changed their lives by becoming youtube sensations. Anthony finally gets Anna at their 5year high school reunion and even Ian is happy for at least 5 minutes of the movie.

I thought that the movie was interesting and had an interesting take to it. I’m not a fan of SMOSH, so I can’t say that I appreciated all the humor in it, but I’m glad that they had the opportunity to make a movie and are youtube sensations in their own right

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