Movie Review: The Truth Below

Long time no blog. Life has been sort of busy for me, but I’ll include all of this in another post today I want to review a movie I recently watched. Since, I figured that most of you have not heard of it or have never seen it I’d give it a whirl.

The Truth Below is MTV’s take on the latest suspenseful thriller. The movie was released in Mid-June of this year to kick off the Summer Series of Werewolves and what not. IT WASN”T EVEN CLOSE TO HALLOWEEN! Then again who doesn’t love a good scare 🙂 The movie which can be watched in it’s entirety is found here The Truth Below by MTV is more proof of MTV’s fall from grace and demise in the already soaked and begotten culture.

The Truth Below is a movie about four teenagers on their way back to college from a Spring Break trip in the mountains.  The group of teenagers decided to spend Spring Break together after knowing each other just one semester and considered it the best alternative. On the way back to college from their last day in the mountains the teenagers are pulled over by a cop who ominously tells them to chain up their car because of the slippery roads and snow ahead. The teenagers pull into a gas station to chain up and find that they have forgotten the chains for the car and decide to proceed back to college anyway. Just after the gas station the teenagers take a snowy road and their car slides down the edge of a cliff and is soon buried by an avalanche.  The teenagers are knocked unconscious  during the accident only to awaken to find themselves buried and waiting to die. To pass the time  as they wait to die that they agree to play the Truth Game. As the teenagers play the Truth Game they realize they don’t really know each other at all and many things are said and done. It’s not a happy ending and there is no lesson learned from this movie that is not basic knowledge for someone who peruses snow resorts.







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