Movie Review: To all the boys I’ve loved before

Wow, I know so many posts in the past short while, but I live in Hawaii and I had to deal with a hurricane threat a couple of weeks ago. In case you haven’t ever dealt with a hurricane threat before that means; after all the preparation to make sure that your house is safe and secure, you have an evacuation plan, and you have food and water. Well, let’s just say it’s a lot of waiting around and watching the news and what not to see what happens. It actually is REALLY boring in that sense. Image result for to all the boys i loved before
Seriously though let’s get back to the real reason that you are here. After finishing reading the To all the Boys I’ve loved before series. You can read my reviewsTo All the Boys I’ve loved before, PS I still love you, and Always & Forever Lara Jean. It was announced that Netflix is coming out with a movie based on the first book! Yes, like the crazy woman who fell so hard for Lara Jean in the first book I was screaming and overjoyed. I also hoped that it was everything of my dreams. When it was released on August 17th, I didn’t immediately jump to watch it, I mean why flood Netflix and then get the constant error message. It’s the worst! Netflix save us from error messages! I can safely say that I watched it this weekend and at the time of writing this post have watched it twice!

It mainly follows the story of the first book pretty dead on aside from the fact that there is less baking, no Stormi and Peter drives a Jeep in the movie. Can we get the guy an Audi because honestly that is such a hotter car than a Jeep?! Other than that it’s pretty spot on. I laughed, I cried a bunch, it was beautiful and moving just like a teen romance movie should be. Think John Hughes movie except for this half of the century. I know that John Hughes movies aren’t that old, but to every teenager out there, they are pretty old. Funny part though, they even reference the John Hughes movie Sixteen Candles in one scene. I would definitely recommend you see this movie! Oh yeah, the cliffhanger ending in the mid-credits scene means that Netflix should be giving us a sequel right? I mean the book series was three books long, give us at least another movie!!!!

The trailer will be below if you haven’t already watched the movie 😉 Let me know your thoughts when you get the chance. See you soon!

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