Movie Review: Zootopia


I know I said that I would be posting more and I will be I just am having a difficult time with life. I really should stop making excuses and just do it. Let’s get to the real reason that you are here today, Zootopia!

Yes, I am finally bringing you a Zootopia review. I got to see this movie twice because

  1. it really is that good!
  2. The Boy couldn’t go to the first showing with me

The first time I saw this movie was right after it came out. My nephew’s kindergarten class had rented out the movie theater to have a showing for the entire class and friends. My mom and I were invited to go see it and it was amazing, unfortunately the Boy had to work that day so he was not able to see it.

I finally took him to see it last week and he was so thrilled. He loved every minute of the movie and was even freakishly cheering during some parts. He even made fun of me because I was having the same reactions as he was during parts even though I had already seen it.

I love how this movie talks about bullying and addresses real world issues without talking down to children. It is beautifully illustrated and I loved every minute of it both times through. I am really proud of Disney for this movie because the time and effort really shows through. I was worried that the movie was going to be a disappointment because of all the hype that it was receiving throughout the year, but I’m so so glad that it wasn’t.

Have you seen Zootopia? What do you think about it?


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