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This review should have gone up sooner as usual, but I thought I would post it now and include it as a product review or gift suggestion for the holidays. It would making an awesome gift!


I have more or less owned this movie since it dropped in September, I downloaded it via itunes. Then it took me a couple of more weeks before I broke down and bought the photo book that includes the movie on dvd and blu-ray.  Seriously though, this movie was worth every penny and every moment of waiting I spent.

Travis Rice teamed up with Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Cinema to create the most amazing snowboarding film  that has cross paths with Hollywood in a long time. Justin Timberlake talked about this film and went to the official premiere. I’m getting off topic though. The Art of Flight directed by Curt Morgan had been in production for two years and has taken Travis Rice & friends around the globe in search of the most amazing documented and undocumented places to ride. This film even shows first hand the jump that Scotty Lago broke his jaw on.  If you are not already chopping at the bit on snowboarding or traveling around the world in under an hour, than let’s  amp up this movie with the amazing visual effects that are not 3D enhanced, but close enough so that you could almost pop into the screen. Also add to the mix a killer soundtrack (listing here or available on itunes) which features Deadmau5, and The Naked and Famous.

The accompanying limited edition photo book comes in a pretty big case. The top of the case has a pop-up of one of the photos taken during the shooting of the film. The book is absolutely stunning and I have not encountered another book quite like it, not that I’ve really tried looking.  It features 9 photographers picked by Travis Rice to document the tales of the crew during the making of the film. The book includes material that is not covered in the film itself, but possibly in the extras, which I haven’t quite gotten to yet.

I recommend this film as a definite watch and the photo book is a must add to any collection after watching the film in my opinion. The book is available here. Here is an un-boxing clip of  book Art of Flight book  found on youtube, since I think that my photos don’t quite do this film justice.


Top of the Case, I couldn’t quite get a good angle.  There’s a better angle in the clip.


Art of Flight Photo book in the case after opening the top


One of the SUPER glossy photos from the book. I think this is the part of the film where they are in Chile.


Photo from the book also one of the new Quiksilver print ads, I believe.


A scene broken down into panels, like action sports photographers do best.


The photographers in the book


My book number. Limited Edition.


DVD and Blu-Ray in the back of the book.

Trailer for Art of Flight in case you are not convinced yet.

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