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Star Trek Beyond (2016) Poster

I know that it has been a hot minute since I posted here. I’m trying to get on a better schedule of posting here and also with the content. Right now though, I want to review Star Trek Beyond for you. I have seen the other 2 movies in the Star Trek series and they have both been awesome. Sadly, I didn’t review them for the blog because so much time had past since between seeing them and the review just seemed out of place. Perhaps, I will add them for review here in the future.

In this movie though, we find Captain Kirk dealing with his future as he feels as if he has explored the entirety of space already and nothing new will happen to him. Upon landing at a small space station in the galaxy he asks the Federation for a transfer to management position in Star Fleet. The commander he speaks to agrees to put in the request after he completes one last mission as captain of the Enterprise. Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise journey through a nebula and discover a distant planet in which a dictator named Krall has been tracking and scheming for a way to get back at the Federation. Captain Kirk and his crew use all their skills as well as the skills of a new friend to journey back to the space station to save the human race and overthrow Krall.

Sorry to spoil this for you, but during this journey Captain Kirk rediscovers his love for space exploration and decides to stay Captain of the Starship Enterprise, which once again needs to be rebuilt. Commander Spock also goes through a personal transformation during the movie and also decides to stay with the Starship Enterprise.

I loved this movie. I’m not a huge Star Trek fan although I did sometime in my youth watching Star Trek on TV. I enjoyed the new take on the series and how they showed a few different villains. I also enjoyed the fact that in this last movie when Commander Spock receives Ambassador Spock’s possessions he pulls out a photo of the original Star Trek crew that included George Takei. There was also a small tribute to George Takei in the fact that they made Sulu gay. I thought I would have cried more in this movie since it was after Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin’s deaths, but I didn’t. I truly do recommend watching the whole series if you get a chance and if you would watch just one this is a pretty good one to watch as a stand alone also.

I hope to see you in another post very soon!


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