My Latest Loves ♥ 2.5.11


I thought I would tell you about all the amazing things I’m loving right now so that maybe you could love them too!

  • The Bop It App from the itunes app store even though I’m still stuck on 57 moves 🙁
  • Cupcake Corner on Facebook, I’m more obsessed with it than I ever was with Restaurant City
  • I love that I will get a new boss in a matter of days when he officially takes office
  • curling my hair and wearing it up, it’s weird to look in mirrors and see it when I’ve done my hair different
  • One Republic I’m seeing them in a week and a half!
  • Frozen Yogurt the new place Cherry on Top is so amazing I can’t even describe
  • Quirky Girl such a lovely website with great pictures
  • The Winter Dew Tour even though the television coverage sucks!
  • Work is not a job! I love their prints!
  • Life Coaches especially ones for adults
  • The banquets and dinners we’ve been having at work though planning isn’t much fun 🙁
  • the high school camp musical we’re doing next month
  • drinking lots of water 🙂
  • “Amazing by Aerosmith

What have you been loving lately? A new book review as well as an update on Project Pan will be coming soon!

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