November List a Day: Day 7


Today I’m once again linking up with Cara from The Marvelous Flight of Cara for another list a day post.  I’m going to use her prompts because I loved them and my computer is giving me so much attitude now 🙁
TOP 10 Things You’re ________ Right Now

1. Reading: Emails and blogs…work time
2. Eating: at the moment nothing thankfully, I’m trying so hard to lose weight….
3. Listening to: at this very moment the silent humming of computers
4. Watching: well, I was catching up on shows that I missed and youtube
5. Missing: my nephew and my friends that don’t live here
6. Anticipating: The long weekend ahead and getting outdoors 🙂
7. Wishing for:life to be less complicated and dramatic *sigh*
8. Drinking: nothing at the moment, but perhaps I’ll grab a glass of water in a bit….
9. Loving: the holiday drinks at Starbucks and getting things done
10. Beginning: to feel less afraid to do amazing things and care less about what people think.

I will see you soon with another fabulous post.


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