Product Review: Umba Box

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out many different monthly subscription services and this is my review of yet another one of those. This service is called Umba Box and is $26 per month, but they recommend that you purchase a half yearly subscription or yearly subscription. The service features products from various Etsy sellers or handmade/small business sellers that are put into a box just for you. Unlike many of the monthly subscription services that involve a style quiz or have you pick items, this service leaves you basically in the dark about which items will be featured in the box for the month. Once all the boxes have been shipped out they will then post on their blog and their facebook page the items for that month.

Pictured you will see what I got for my half yearly subscription aside from my last box which I completely forgot to photograph, I think it had a lip balm, a candle , and something else.

To the company’s credit they do give you all the boxes for the months you purchased even if you cancel your subscription because you are unhappy with the service. You also have the option to return the items in you got that month at your own expense for another box.

The service is a really good idea and I completely support small business and Etsy sellers. I cancelled my subscription because I did not think I was getting my money’s worth the entire time and I sometimes I wish I was not kept in the dark about what products I was receiving in the Umba Box. I’m still going to be hunting through blogs to find new Etsy sellers and even on Etsy to find new products. I just won’t be using this service.

Every box comes in white with light blue lettering just like the card above. The card that is included with every box is a short description from each Etsy seller about their business in their own words.


My first box featured a photo card and a necklace. I wore the necklace a couple of times and it is fairly good quality and goes with a couple of pieces that I already own.


My second box came with this clutch. My clutch was a plain white bottom as compared to the various colored bottomed ones featured on the card. The clutch is a good size and fits quite a few things. I also appreciated the fact that it came with a dust cover.


The third box was a set of six note cards and envelopes. While the note cards were cute and I was able to use them for work, it just really was not what I was hoping for that month.


The fourth box was the one I liked the least because of all the bath products, but it is just a personal preference.


The fifth box included salted caramels, a dish towel and a note pad. According to one of my friends the salted caramels were really good. I thought that the dish towel especially in the packaging it came in was really cute and that notepad had a cute design.


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