Style:Project 10 pan and then some

Yesterday, I decided that it was the last day for me to buy makeup until Dec. 31 as of right now. I may decide to go longer on this makeup no buy depending on how it goes. I have given myself the following rules:
1. You are only allowed to use things you already own
2. You can not buy makeup and beauty things from any store unless you have been given a gift card specifically for that store.
3. When you finish a product you will take a picture and write a short review so that you and readers will know what products you finished and if the product goes on the repurchase list.
4. If on Dec. 31st the makeup and beauty collection has reached a reasonable size you may stop makeup no buy
5. If on Dec. 31st you decide to stop or continue makeup no buy you must make a video and let people know.

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