Hawaii: A Trip around the island

This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I thought that you would enjoy a few beautiful pictures from where I live. My friend’s roommate was moving after a brief stint of living in Hawaii and she decided to take him on a circle island tour since he had not really gotten the chance to see much since he lived here.

Since my friend lives on the Windward side of the island we decided to start by checking out the Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples.  It’s definitely a lovely view and absolutely breathtaking. It’s suppose to be an exact scale model of the one in Japan.

Here are my friend and her roommate walking across the bridge to get to the temple.

The beautiful temple in all it’s glory


One of the many black swans that live on the temple grounds. This one apparently is a bit of a camera whore.


There are tons of koi fish that live in the ponds of the temple and you can buy fish food to feed them, but we didn’t do that on this day.

This spot is on the side of the temple and is often where they keep the baby koi.

Sorry that there aren’t any pictures of the inside of the temple, but I feel kind of weird about taking pictures. You can take pictures inside along with offering incense. After the temple we made our way to the North Side of the island and it took longer than usual, but we stopped by turtle beach. You literally have to find a parking spot on the side of the road and cross to get to the beach. The view is so worth it though!

That day we visited a sea turtle was on shore to take a nap. Yes, the oceanography and wildlife people were out protecting the sea turtles with red rope, so that people would not be obnoxious to it.

Of course since we were on the North Side of the island, you can’t go past this side without making a stop at one of the shrimp trucks. Today we stopped at Fumi’s since there was no line at this place, but my friend highly recommends Romy’s. At the shrimp trucks you can dine right next to the shrimp farms.

The obligatory picture of my food which is just one of the many plates that they offer.
Sadly after lunch we had to cut our circle island tour short because sometimes in life that happens. Don’t worry though I will definitely be bringing you more pictures like these from where I live. Thanks for reading!

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  1. very pretty pictures! the view of the temple from the bridge is gorgeous. swans scare me (especially black ones) because i think they’re always plotting something against me, but i’m probably just being paranoid…haha.

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