Hawaii: Kona trip

So for Easter weekend KonaBoy and I went to see his family. We had actually been planning on going on a long weekend and it kind of worked out because Hawaiian Airlines was having an airfare special to fly to a neighbor island. KonaBoy was excited to see his family and his dog since he had not seen them since he moved in July. Here’s a portion of the pictures we took while we were there.

It was a crazy weekend and tons of stuff happened, but everything worked out for the most part.

KonaBoy’s dog Kuuipo she is a little wild and she was super sad cause we were leaving her behind 🙁

She really does love KonaBoy though ♥ ♥

Macadamia Nuts in a dish at the Kona Farmer’s Cooperative

The sand makes pretty patterns

This tree was growing all kinds of crazy!

I didn’t actually buy them, but I was sure tempted…


We could smell the bread from the parking lot!

The chocolate bar has Kava in it, but yes we drank real kava one night

The view from South Point the Southern Most part of the USA

Partway to the Green Sand Beach. We didn’t actually make it there, another time though…


Fruits growing at the Kona Farmers’ Cooperative. It’s so amazing that so many different kinds of fruit can grow in Kona! We are both looking forward to visiting Kona again and hopefully it will be a little later rather than sooner.


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  1. Hey there!! Just love all of your photos!! Kuuipo is the cutest!! And the photo of the tree is amazing! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. We really do appreciate it!! As for our button we had an artist do that for us. We got someone to makeover our blog a few months ago and she handled the buttons as well. Sorry we can’t be more help. We are following you now via GFC! Hope you have a great weekend!

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