Random: Photo A Day Challenge-July/August

I know that this is ridiculously late, but I wanted to post these pictures anyway. I really did try to complete Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day Challenges for these 2 months and am definitely trying this month, but it’s really been a struggle. Below are pictures from July and August. Hopefully this month will be better.

Day 1-Self Portrait: Just having a lazy day at my house and it seemed like a good idea at the time to have Lilac appear that she was kissing me.
Day 2-Busy: KonaBoy and I went to see a movie and was the line for Savages which opened a few days before.
Day 3-Best Part: I had a rough day and sometimes all I can do to get away from everything is to get lost in a movie. Brave was a good choice. Read my review here 
Day 5-floor: This is one of the many piles of stuff that’s under my desk at work. Too lazy to shred papers.
Day 6-chair: Nearly every day I am jealous of my co-worker’s chair because it is so much nicer than mine.
Day 7-garden: finding a random garden in the city is a rare and welcome sight 🙂

Day 8-lunch: KonaBoy and I went to lunch at a local restaurant and order a lot of tofu
Day 9-big: Found a huge clove of garlic in Safeway
Day 10-favorite color: One of my favorite colors is the sky on a clear day
Day 12-texture: tree bark taken near a beach while filling my disposable camera for swapping 🙂
Day 14-building: This was part of a superhero train ride the mall had set up for younger kids.
Day 17-addiction: I have a pretty serious addiction to Starbucks Iced Chais with a shot of espresso
Day 18-plate: KonaBoy and grabbed a late night snack
Day 19-animal: This is Harley and he’s a teacup doberman pinscher. He takes vacations at KonaBoy’s apartment
Day 21-9 o’clock: Walking to KonaBoy’s apartment I couldn’t believe how low the moon was hanging that night

Day 22-upsidedown: This was about as upside down as I was going to get that day. The table at a local pub with a friend.
Day 23-mirror: When I don’t have any plans for the evening this is my typical look for a night-in
Day 25-heart: It’s a fake heart, but it was a cute idea my friend gave me
Day 26-sunshine: the picture looks awful, but it was actually sunny this day and this is a typical view from my office window
Day 29-bought: the last thing I bought for the night was a Starbucks petite cherry pie. I thought the star was so cute!

August Day 3-coin: Just a few coins I found laying around KonaBoy’s apartment.
Day 4-somewhere you sat: This is me on the sidewalk patiently waiting at the Laundromat for KonaBoys to finish.
Day 5-logo: I grabbed a chocolate milk and I love this brand of milk
Day 6-writing: This is the writing from a local shop logo
Day 7-8 o’clock: KonaBoy and I stopped into a local pub for the night
Day 9-messy: its been a crazy week at work and this was before the chaos of a conference. Can you find my desk?!?

Hope that you been having a good week so far. Talk to you soon.

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