Random: Photo a day Challenge-June

I know this is super late, but I still wanted to post my pictures. I’ve been stalking Fat Mum Slim for a little bit and she does a really awesome photo a day challenge every month. In June, I finally broke down and decided to take the challenge myself. Below are pictures with some short explanations for each day of June.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get July’s photo a day challenge up soon!

Day 4-closeup: I got tiny bouquet of flowers from a visitor at work and they were so lovely that I had to do a picture.
Day 1-morning: I spent the better part of the work day working on mind maps with a guy that does strategic planning for a living. Haven’t really had a chance to put a mind map into action yet!
Day 3-on my plate: KonaBoy and I went to lunch at Islands restaurant  and this was the salad I got.  Sadly, I’m not impressed with the restaurant.
Day 2-empty: Late in the day, but my tumbler is once again empty of what I was drinking.


Day 5-sign: Safeway I used to pass this sign on my way to work, but not anymore….
Day 7-drink: Apple juice saved my day and is one of my favorite nostalgic moment drinks
Day 6-hat: displayed at the Ralph Lauren store
Day 8-6 o’clock: I should probably own stock in Starbucks, but usually at 6 in the morning I’m drinking a nonfat venti iced Chai with a shot of espresso 🙂

Day 9-view today: a view from a pond at the dress rehearsal for my friend’s wedding. It was really nice to be outside.
Day 11-door: my office door the signs haven’t changed in years! Can you spot the error in one of the signs?
Day 12-from a low angle: the aisle from my friend’s wedding. It was beautiful with the red rose petals.
Day 10-bit of the weekend: This wasn’t the best bit of the weekend, but I did spend a better part of a day putting inserts into a new book that we published at work.

Day 13-Art: KonaBoy gave me a free drink with some coffee art when I stopped by to visit him at work 🙂
Day 14-Time: I absolutely love my Swatch watch even though it doesn’t have numbers on it, it’s still amazing!
Day 16-Out and About: I had the opportunity to speak at one of the churches today and this one just happened to have a zen garden and I love just starring at the rings.
Day 15-yellow: Every morning I get to see this flower that my cousin got me a few years ago.

Day 20-favorite photo ever taken: This photo was taken a few years ago on a trip to Las Vegas. It is still one of my favorite photos ever taken because it’s my friend with the lights of Las Vegas from The Mix.
Day 18-unknown fact: the unknown fact in this picture is not only that I like edamame, but also that I still play with my food 😛
Day 17- in my bag: an overview of what’s in my purse. I’ll do a more detailed post later on.
Day 19-imperfect: KonaBox and I were out and about when we noticed how interesting the wood panels on the restaurant looked.

Day 22-from a high angle: I spend WAY too much time at the mall and this is a view of the koi ponds  in the mall.
Day 24-on my mind: At work we have a conference coming up and I’ve been worrying about it.
Day 21-where I slept: KonaBoy’s bed all made up for the day.
Day 23-movement: some people made their own dance floor at another conference I attended.

Day 26-shop: I don’t shop at Victoria Secret a lot, but the shop definitely saved me on this weekend.
Day 30-friend: My friend came up for a conference this weekend and in a strange friend tradition toasted our fresh made taiyakis
Day 28-on the shelf: All of my nephews toys lined up on the shelf at the beginning of the day…
Day 27-bathroom: Just a typical beginning of a night in at home
Day 29-soft: My rabbit Lilac, whom I’ve had for 4 years, is one of the softest stuffed animals I own.
Day 25-cute:

Hope that you enjoyed seeing parts of my life in pictures in the month of June. See you again soon!


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