Hawaii:Makapuu Hike

One day in January KonaBoy and I went on the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail Hike. It was our first time on this hike and actually our first time together. I also got a video camera sometime last year and wanted to film (err…attempt to film). We did not see any whales on our hike though several other people hiking said that they saw whales.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to a regular blogging schedule soon, but following this post are quite a few that I have not posted in the last month. Hope that you are doing well.

Makapuu Hike

Me at the top of the hike. Behind me is supposedly Rabbit Island.

KonaBoy at Makapuu

KonaBoy gazing off into the distance

Sorry for the poor footage. I’m not used to vlogging yet. It’ll get better I promise


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