Review: Eureka

In the past year I have gotten addicted to the Syfy channel starting first with their movies/ mini series and then followed by certain tv shows. I did not get into the show Eureka until the past few weeks and watched all the the episodes available online and on Netflix at the moment. I would have loved to watch the show from the start and am sad to hear that they are cancelling the show after this season.

The show is about a small town where the nation’s greatest scientists work on inventions and discoveries to better the world and sometimes these inventions go haywire. Jack Carter, the sheriff of the town, stumbles across Eureka while bringing his daughter Zoey back from her latest runaway adventure.  Although, he thought he stumbled into a typical small town to get help, an accident occurs which makes him think that something strange might be going on. Jack and Zoey make it out of Eureka and back to the real world when Jack gets recruited to be the sheriff of Eureka and his life is not the same ever again.

I would recommend that you give the show a shot. It is definitely worth a watch and some of the weird science creations will creep you out or at least they boggled my mind. Enjoy!

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