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I recently finished this tv show from the early-2000s. I did not watch this show when it was on the air, but recently when I heard that the show was headed back for a 4 episode revival on Netflix around Thanksgiving I thought that I would give the show a shot.

This show stars Lauren Graham as Lorelai Gilmore raising her daughter Lorelai, Rory Gilmore in the town of Stars Hallow, Connecticut. The pilot episode shows Rory getting into Chilton Academy, a neighboring prep school and Lorelai trying to figure out how she is going to pay for the tuition there. Lorelai ends up going to see her parents who live in a Hartford and are fairly rich. Lorelai’s parents, Richard and Emily Gilmore agree to pay for Rory’s tuition with the terms that Lorelai and Rory come to the house weekly for family dinner.

As the show progresses we get to see Rory develop as a student at Chilton Academy and Yale University, but never forgetting her roots in the town of Stars Hallow. We are also able to see Rory fall in love with mainly 3 suitors Dean Forester, Jess Mariano, and Logan Huntzberger. In the show we are also see Lorelai grow as manager of Independence Inn to eventual part owner of the Dragonfly Inn. We also see Lorelai’s romance with diner owner Luke Danes grow through the series.

I would say that if you haven’t watched this series yet, I highly recommend that you give it a chance. You will find the mother/daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory, loveable and what you might have always wanted with your parents. You will be rooting for Lorelai and Luke to finally get their acts together and have a wedding from Season 1. You will probably most definitely be picking Team Dean, Team Logan, or Team Jess. Mostly though you will love the fast paced witty dialogue. If you don’t love any of these things I’m truly sorry. I can guarantee you that come midnight on Thanksgiving I will be binge watching Gilmore Girls: Year in the life along with rest of the Gilmore troops. I will probably have a review on that later too.

I hope to see you in another post very soon!

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