Review: How I met Your Mother

I’m back today to do a review of a show I had to re-watch during Quarantine. I also wanted to take a moment to say that with all the craziness that have been going on in the world , please know that I will always try to keep this space about life and what’s happening. I’m still working on finding the words to address all that has been happening in the world, but please know that I am taking to educate myself in various ways on how to make the world a better place and where I stand in it all.

Now to the real reason why we are here, How I Met Your Mother. I won’t say that I was in on the fan base from the beginning of the show, but I will say that I did jump into watching the show toward the end of its run mostly because of my co-worker at the time.

If you haven’t heard of this show before here’s the premise of the show a guy named Ted Mosby is recanting to his children how he met their mother. In a rather long winded story that mostly involves the antics of him and his friends living in New York. In the final season of the show we finally are able to meet the mother and Ted explains that the whole story has been the little events that have been leading up to meeting this woman all along. His children have other thoughts as expressed in the last episode.

Arguably you can say that the final season and last episode are good or bad depending on which camp you fall in. Overall, I find the show to be culturally iconic. Barney’s single line comedy paired with the many jokes on Canada based on Robin’s country of origin, to the coupledom aspect of Lily and Marshall to Ted’s quirks. You will find yourself laughing at every episode and finding a reason to watch more.You will finding yourself wanting to watch specifically for one actor/ actress and yet continuing to come back to the series just to see the chemistry between all the actors over and over again.

So if you haven’t watch the whole series already I would highly recommend that you find sometime to binge the series. If you have already watched it, I would recommend watching it again. Besides that “Have you met Ted?” You will still find yourself quoting lines and making friends just based on your opinion of the show.

I hope that you enjoyed the review of this show and that you will continue to stick around for more reviews and thoughts from my brain. See you again soon!

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