Review: Series of Unfortunate Events

It has been a minute since I wrote a tv show review here. While in quarantine or this time of social distancing , I’ve had time to catch-up on shows and alleviate my Netflix queue of some of its burden or the older ones at least.

After I finished up all the seasons of NCIS on Netflix, I needed another show to binge. Matt & I agreed to binge Series of Unfortunate Events , since it had been a minute since we watched the series. The series is actually easier to understand if you binge it all at once. We ended up binging the whole series in roughly a week. While I never did end up finishing the book series though it is on my list to read through at some point I enjoyed the series thoroughly. I found that Netflix series was much better than the movie, don’t get me wrong Jim Carrey is a good actor, but Neil Patrick Harris did a far superb job playing Count Olaf. I did see the movie in theaters and while I thought it was good, it just didn’t do the books justice.

Daniel Handler, Lemony Snicket’s real life alias has been fortunate enough to get 2 iterations of his novels brought to life. Though each episode is an hour long I found that they covered most of the in depth detail the books cover making them loveable for both children and adults. I did read that the final episode of the Netflix series does change the ending versus the ending of the books, but that is fine with me.

If you haven’t already seen this series I would highly recommend that you watch it. If you have seen the series I would recommend that you give it a rewatch during this time, it is seriously so good. There are so many songs that will get stuck in your head. Also to note if you are one of the people that like to skip intros of shows because that is an option that Netflix gives you, I would recommend not skipping these intros because that give you small snippets of what will happen in the episode and a mini wrap up of what has happened also.

I hope to see you again soon in another post!

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