Review: Warehouse 13


I’m back again with yet another review. Today is a tv show review. Matt & I have been binging quite a bit of tv shows, while in quarantine and I have done a few reviews. I generally prefer to do a review of a show that has been completed that way you can get a real feel for what the show is about and that way you can get a full perspective of the show. If you want a more up to date list of what I have been watching on a monthly list you should check out my monthly wrap-ups here.

Back to the review, Warehouse 13 is a SyFy show that ran from 2009 to 2014. There was officially 4.5 seasons, I would say 5, but technically there are only 6 episodes in the fifth season because the show was cancelled. Matt & I watched it on IMDB streaming, which is free (at the time of writing this), but comes with commercials , so be prepared. It is still pretty easy to binge. This show was mostly a rewatch for me aside from the final seasons, and a watch for Matt since he didn’t get a chance to watch in real time.

The premise of the show is that a group of “secret service” agents are tasked with investigating objects with historical value that have gone awry in the world and then bringing them back to a large storage container in South Dakota to be labelled and contain, so that they can’t cause any further damage in the world.

The show is full of witty one liner, comedic acting, as well as history and a touch of mystery. If you like all of these you should definitely give this show a shot. There are a couple of over arching story lines that bring the show back and forth from beginning to end, but overall most of the episodes are self contained to 45 minutes or so. If any of this intrigues you I would recommend that you give Warehouse 13 a watch.

If you have seen the show let me know your thought. If you have seen other shows on SyFy that you would recommend give them a shot out. I’d love to hear from you and I hope to see you in another post soon!

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