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Hope that you are doing well.  My job has been keeping me SUPER busy, but I wanted to get this post up right away. On Labor Day my mom and I did the first ever Run or Dye in Honolulu. If you have not heard about Run or Dye you can check them out here. It’s a similar concept to the Color Run and if you have not heard of that either. The gist of it is that you are run/walking a 5k roughly 3 miles where you are paying to get dirty. The organizers through color at you at random spots throughout the race and your registration money either goes back to the people hosting the run or it goes to a charity organization in the area. Run or Dye Honolulu decided to give the proceeds from the event to Aloha United Way Hawaii, which is pretty cool in my opinion.  Below are pictures from the event:



Before the race. My mom and I got there really early, because we had plans later in the day. As you can tell I’m still half asleep….hahah!



The announcer guy was pretty cool and kept the crowd energized before and during the event. This event had a staggered start so only about 500-700 people were allowed to go at a time. While we waited they tossed out free gear such as extra dye packets, hats, gloves, etc. They also had some club/Top 40 hits pumping to keep you energized.



People got a little crazy and started throwing their packets before the end of the race and I thought the ground looked pretty from all the dye 🙂



At the first station people throwing dye! I didn’t take pictures of all the stations because it’s super hard to run when you are holding a camera and trying not to get it dirty. I only ended up running about half of the event.



At the end of the course there was a huge sound stage with another announcer guy and blaring music. They were planning on having a dye throwing fest but my mom and I elected to leave a bit early cause we had plans later that day.bcb5af83-e15d-40af-9938-ae9c40ecc50f_zpsd9f0753f


My mom and I standing next on the backside of one of the official Run or Dye tents.

Tips for people thinking of doing a similar run:

1.  In Honolulu the stadium parking is $5 I suggest getting dropped off. You may look like a crazy person waiting for your ride, but you are giving the event free publicity!

2. Tell your ride or pack your car with towels to cover your seat, baby wipes to  clean yourself off, tissues in case you need to blow your nose after because there will be tons of dye powder everywhere!

3. Pick up your packet beforehand. At our event they had problems using the QR code on the packet pickup day, but on the event day there was a LONG line of people waiting to pick up their packets and they hadn’t even raced by the time we were done.

4. HAVE FUN , but be realistic.  I know this might sound like a given, but my mom and I noticed quite a few people while at the event who had no idea how long a 5k is, so do yourself a favor and prepare yourself.

See you soon!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time with your mom! And I’m so glad to see the race is pretty much the same nationwide haha people got crazy with the dye here too 😉

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