Scaretober 2016 Wrap-up

Hello Everyone!

I hope that you enjoyed following along with this year’s Scaretober series. If you are not caught up yet, here’s a link to all the posts.

I really enjoyed putting together this series for you to read. It was also mainly selfishly to get over my fear of scary movies and be a bit braver. I know that my level of scary has definitely changed over the years and I hope that it continues to do so as I grow and experience more things. I apologize for the plethora of pathetic non-scary movies and thrillers that were included in this year’s series.

For the future of the series, right now I am planning on doing it next year and already have a major movie series anchoring it. I’m hoping to get started fairly soon, so that I can pre-plan and schedule all those post for you to read. Hopefully everything works out as planned and you will see Scaretober again next year. As for scary movies, you can always leave me recommendations and I will take them into consideration when putting together the series.

In other news, while putting together all the posts for this series this year I noticed some serious formatting issues with the blog that I have been unable to correct. I am hoping to correct them in the near future. My posting schedule here will go back to the usual Tuesday, Thursday,Friday,Sunday with Youtube videos starting back up on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

I hope to see you soon!

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