Scaretober 2016

I know that I have not been the greatest of bloggers in the past year or 2 and I really am truly trying to work and change that. I put a lot of effort into my youtube channel in the last year and less effort into here. For the time being since I am unable to make videos I am trying to find other ways to stay in touch and continue to keep my creative juices flowing.

This year I thought that I would finally bring back Scaretober. I originally did this series back in 2013 as a way to rid myself of my fear of scary movies. No seriously, I was that girl that would buy a ticket to a scary movie and then end up walking out 3/4 of the way through the movie. I know stupid, but it was a real thing, my long time friends will attest to this! So for all of October you will be getting nothing but scary movie reviews from me. These reviews will be similar to my other reviews with very little spoilers. You can click the banner below to link to my last scary movie/Halloween review or all posts will be listed under the Reviews-Scaretober section in the navigation bar.


I’m really looking forward to doing this again this year. If you have any recommendations of movies that you think I should see this October or that you would like to have featured in Scaretober, let me know in a comment.


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